Outguess : Steganography. Outguess is an advanced steganography tool. Outguess conceals your document inside an image. Steganography with Outguess

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My free software on GitHub

Github hosts two of my projects :


Outguess and Review Sherlock.


Outguess is an advanced steganography tool for mac.

Outguess : https://github.com/rbcafe/outguess

Review Sherlock : App Store and Mac App Store Analysis

Review Sherlock : https://github.com/Rbcafe/Review-Sherlock

Outguess and Review sherlock are free software for mac

Fan of GitHub and free software, this is your turn.

Rbcafe » Rbcafe » Software » Outguess

Install Outguess with Brew

If you want to install Outguess with Brew and Cask, it’s really easy.


Outguess was recently added on the Cask repository. Now you can install Outguess with a simple command…

Outguess in the Cask Repository

In the terminal type :


brew cask install outguess


Result :


🍺 outguess was successfully installed!


Notes :

  • Brew must be installed. ( Install Brew )
  • Cask must be installed ( brew tap caskroom/cask )


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