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Supprimer le WIFI d’une télévision Samsung


Ayant une télévision Samsung, vu qu’Apple ne fait pas encore de télévision, je cherchais un moyen de supprimer le WIFI sur cette Samsung Smart TV.

Il existe une façon simple qui permet de supprimer le WIFI d’une télévision Samsung.

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Trello > Atlassian

Trello goes to Atlassian.

And Trello was pretty excited about this acquisiton.

We’re excited to announce that Trello is being acquired by Atlassian.

We launched Trello five years ago to make it easy and fun to collaborate in a unique way. Since then, more than 19 million people have used Trello to solve many different challenges both personal and professional.

Azure DataMarket to retire

Azure DataMarket to retire

Message from Microsoft


We’re retiring DataMarket because we’re not seeing the sustained customer interest in DataMarket to enable us to continue with this marketplace.