Whois whois – Internet domain name and network number directory service SYNOPSIS whois [-adgprR] [-h host] name … DESCRIPTION Whois looks up records in the databases maintained by several Network In- formation Centers (NICs). The Czytaj więcej…



Distnoted distnoted — distributed notification server SYNOPSIS distnoted DESCRIPTION distnoted provides distributed notifications services. There are no configuration options to distnoted. Users should not run distnoted manually. EOF


Google SSL

Google SSL Search With Google search over SSL, you can have an end-to-end encrypted search solution between your computer and Google. This secured channel helps protect your search terms and your search results pages from Czytaj więcej…



Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line Introduction ADSL has the distinguishing characteristic that the data can flow faster in one direction than the other, i.e., asymmetrically. Providers usually market ADSL as a service for people to connect Czytaj więcej…